ACR M 16C = Mixer 16 Channel mono & 4 Channel Stereo

Professional Audio System Equipment :
- Mixer 16 Channel mono and 4 Channel Stereo
- High Quality, Low Noises balance microphone input
- Mono Channel Input and main signal output are equipped with connector jack, easy for connect with the others audio equipments.
- Every Microphone input are equipped with +48V eidolon power supply
- Every channel is equipped with ouput connector, sent to n-Track Studio (PRE-F) or effect equipment (PST-F)
- 3 brands Itermediate frequency scan EQ
- 4 sets AUX assistant output, can be chosen as PRE-F (return) or PST-F (connect outside processor)
- 4 sets stereo inputs and 4 sets stereo return modules
- Two groups-three color high exact level control, exact display output level
- Inner equipped with professional digital effecter, which make the sound more pleasant to the ears
- 100 mm travel high analytical clipper
- Outboard power supply, easy for use

- Price Rp 6.250.000,-